Postgraduate Funding

When you plan to take up a post graduation course, your first issue would be to get the course in the college you desire and your second issue would be to find the right kind of postgraduate funding. Postgraduate funding is the major reason as to why many people could not fulfill their dreams of doing higher studies. While doing your post graduation you should be able to support yourself and at the same time manage your tuitions. In case you are doing your post graduation in your native country then the financial aspect will be less of a burden. If you are doing your post graduation abroad then you would have to look for various options in postgraduate funding to support yourself and take care of your expense.

Here are some tips that will help you understand the true nature of postgraduate funding and how you can get benefited by making the right actions.

Basically these are the types of postgraduate funding available for you, and the sooner you start thing about Postgraduate funding the sooner you will take some positive action on them.

  • Grant Funded: Many charities, trust and organizing committees offer variety of scholarships to the deserving candidates. There are students with lot of potential but lack financially, to help such students to get education funding for quality education many charities and trust offer rewards, grants and scholarship. There are also some clauses included in the grant, like for instance the trust or the charity will pay only for the tuition fees and the accommodation and other expense should be paid by the student. If you are a deserving person, then the trust and charities will definitely consider you for giving the grant for your postgraduate funding. All the grants for your postgraduate funding will be based on some sort of eligibility criteria, if you fit in the criteria as prescribed by the trust then you have a very good chance of getting Postgraduate funding. Also to help a really deserving candidate the rules are made flexible.
  • Scholarship: This is the best way of getting postgraduate funding, the institution you are applying you will give you a reduction in tuition fees and also some money to spare. If your post graduation work is related to the field you are working you employer may consider your Postgraduate funding. There are also some schemes where the employer may consider giving you scholarship for your postgraduate funding if you return to work for him. You will have to search for such available schemes and make the best use of the opportunity.
  • Loan funded: There are special type of loans provided specially for postgraduate funding, you can take a certain amount of loan from the bank for Postgraduate funding and after you have finished your studies you can pay back the money to bank along with the interest. There are also some government schemes available for you, to help with your postgraduate funding, find the bank that offers you the best deal and plan your future.
  • Self funded: you can sponsor for your own postgraduate funding, you can take a part time job to finance your tuition fees. There are also some great part time courses available, you can enquire about such courses and sponsor your own postgraduate funding by working on your day off from classes. The other scenario is that your parents or family members are ready to support your postgraduate funding by paying your expenditures. There are also many people who use their savings for their postgraduate funding, through this way you will be able to be independent and will choose the type of course that is best fitted for you.

Till now we saw how different types of scholarships and grants can help you with your postgraduate funding, but these scholarships and grants also have certain limitations based on the geographic location. Based on the country you are going to do your post graduation your Postgraduate funding changes, here are some examples of such countries:

  • Doing your post graduation in Argentina:
    Most of the students sponsor their postgraduate funding by taking grants or by taking part time jobs, but now a day’s many institutions are giving full scholarships to the international students. With these Postgraduate funding scholarships, the student gets to concentrate on the studies and he or she also gets some allowance to manage accommodation and living expense.
  • Doing your post graduation in Australia:
    In Australia it is difficult to get postgraduate funding unless you are a citizen or a permanent residence. For international students it will be a very stiff completion to get a scholarship, so for international post graduation students they would have to depend on self funding.
  • Doing your post graduation in Canada:
    In Canada you can easily come across many scholarships for your postgraduate funding, many universities readily give Postgraduate funding for the deserving students. The universities also waive tuition fees or provide PhD funding for the PhD students.
  • Doing your post graduation in the United Kingdom:
    There lot of scholarships available to help you support your postgraduate funding but that depends on the institution you apply for. Most of the postgraduate funding is generally provided for Science based courses, before applying for the college also enquire about the scholarships available for you. For international students getting postgraduate funding will be very competitive, the most widely available form of scholarship for international students is the “Overseas Research Student Award”. The Overseas Research Student Award funds the difference of amount of the international fees and the regular fees. You would also have to check the list of universities where these awards are applicable, as after 2009 Overseas Research Student Award has been cancelled for the Welsh and English universities.
  • Doing your post graduation in the United States:
    United States offers a lot of scope for the students, for postgraduate funding many universities offer funding of tuition fees and also give stipend for other expenses. Many students can also attain fellows that will help them in their postgraduate funding. It is advisable to research about the various scholarships available for you and then decide.