Research Funding

There are different types of research funding available; a prior idea is what you need to avail any of them. Research funding is a great way to avail government help for ongoing research projects on any area that in the long run will benefit humanity. In most cases, the research funding is derived from two main sources one being the government –which forms the primary source of research funding and is mainly carried out through various government agencies and universities.

The other research funding is often the private corporations and the R and D departments of the various private organizations. The research funding are done for a variety of purposes and can range from funding for charities to developing medicines and cures for serious diseases like malaria, cancer and AIDS that pose a constant threat to humanity.

History of Research Funding

After technological progress, mainly in the 19th century, a dire need for scientific or technological research was strongly felt in the society and this is where the research funding came in. Before that, most of the interested individuals used their own funds and carried out the researches. However, with the passage of time and the turn of the century, things became more regularized and the entire approach for research funding became more systematic. The concept of research funding was gradually introduced and used by the government to help individuals carry on the research for the benefit of mankind in the long run. In the present day, going through proper procedures and formalities is extremely important to be successful in getting approval the research funding.

Research Funding in USA

A great help for the scientific research to help humanity in general, the research funding have proved to be a boon for all. This is all the more true for USA. Most countries invest quite a lot of money on military research and development and this is all the more true with USA. The government invests as much as 30% for military research and development and about 36% for medical research-mainly in the fields of humanities and social science. Generally speaking, the government provides bulk funding on basic research and development for the scientific projects.

Popular Choices of Research Funding Areas

Other common research funding can be found in biotechnology besides the basic scientific projects and can be carried out both by governmental organizations or by private agencies recognized by the government. And in case where the research is sponsored directly by the government, the results of the research are generally shared publicly. It may also be possible in case of the government sponsored research work that the projects are in complete collaboration with private research organizations.

In certain cases where the research is funded privately- they are mostly controlled by a single group or private organization. In case of research funding for private projects, the concerned private companies are mostly motivated by the amount of profit that the project generates. Private research funding is completely different from those of the government’s and the results of the finding a not publicly shared in any case.

If you’re looking for research funding, then there are certain procedures that need to be followed. The funding is generally applied for by the scientists and is approved by a monitoring body or a grant agency that looks out for the other details and agrees to financially support the research. There are lots of formalities and paperwork involved and any minute details are taken care off before giving out the research funding. The major details like the financial support needed, equipment, time and the potential scientific outcome is taken into consideration before the research funding is finally sanctioned.

The research funding involves a lengthy procedure and all the relevant details about the researcher are also taken into account before sanctioning the funds. It is important that, before the funds are given out, a detailed proposal is there stating the course of the research. The grant proposal, as it is popularly called is a very delicate issue and needs to be dealt with intelligently.

The outcome of the research, the scientific principles, the future endeavors and all the details, however trivial needs to be stated in the proposal. Overall, the entire process is not only challenging but complicated as well. The universities have dedicated research administration personnel who work as a mediator between the individual researcher and the relevant granting agency. The most common research funding is available for medical research or those related to health.

In case of the U.S. government, the bulk of the research funding is kept for medical researches and cure for diseases that will prove beneficial for humanity as a whole. The research funding area may extend to those that deal with topics that will be beneficial to humanity. These kinds of medical researches stand better chances of having the research funding approved. Research Funding is also given out to organizations which are dealing with newer types of energy and energy supplies and how the use of energy effects the environment.

However, in most cases the government grants and research funding are given to the non-profit organizations that will benefit community or humanity at large. There may also be some research funding for the development of the community in general. There are various types of research funding available and depending on your needs and end results the correct one will be sanctioned for you.

The entire procedures for the grant proposal must be strictly followed and all the relevant details need to be filed in, so that the grant proposal is finally accepted. There are wide ranges of government research funding programs available that you can avail for researches and projects. The research funding are great sources of funds for those who are looking forward to start a new venture.

However, it is extremely important to file for the research funding in details so that there are no ways of it being rejected. Keeping in mind the public benefit, the research funding are given out with a noble purpose. The nonprofit organizations stand a better chance of receiving the grants as they are rated higher than the normal organizations. You can seek research funding for anything work that aims for the betterment of the common man at large